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# Everyone is free to believe what they want about this season. But please do not force your beliefs down my throat
# This right here is why we celebrate Christmas.
# This right here is the Jesus factor in Christmas for us -:
{Revelation 5:9-: And they sang a new song, saying,”Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood, you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation,}
# The Jesus factor is what makes all the difference in the way, we celebrate Christmas - just so, you know
# Christmas season - means different things to different people
# To some, it's a pagan holiday and they want nothing to do with it
# To some, it's about going out and getting wasted on booze and drugs
# To some, it's a time to party, a time to indulge in all kinds of lasciviousness, until they drop
# To some, it's about Turkey, goat meat, mashed potatoes, rice, and other kinds of delicacies - great!
# To some, it's time to get together with family and friends, a time to enjoy each other's company
# To some, it is a time to get that much-needed vacation and time away from all the hustle and bustle of life
# To some, it's all about the gifts and presents they will be getting this season
# To some, it's time to shop until they drop
# To others this season is all about going through the motions and dealing with the pain of the loss of their loved ones
# To another group this season brings with it too many bad, memories and emotional pain and they cannot wait for it to be over
# To others this season, is a big conspiracy by whoever to make single people feel miserable, depressed, alone, lonely and unloved
# Then, there is this group of people, to which some of us belong.
# This group believes that this season is an opportunity for them to celebrate their manger baby-their Saviour Lord and King
# The beautiful thing about this season, for us, and the joy It brings -: Is undeniably the - JESUS FACTOR
# This season, to us, is about the one who embraced us in the beloved so we can embrace each other, and love one another
# This season, to us, is about the celebration of the one, who's through His love, has broken down the dividing walls of social pedigree, race, colour, and all forms of racial and social barriers, so we can embrace and love each other
# A Jesus-center Christmas is a prejudiced destroyer and racial eliminator
# Every picture tells a story. And this is a story of the love of Christ Jesus, which has been shared abroad, in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.
# The love of Christ flows in us and through us, at Christmas and all year round, because of a Christ Center, Christ focus Christmas
# Christmas is a reminder of what Jesus accomplished in us, through His coming over 2000 years ago.
# Christmas is a reminder of the power of love through Christ, uniting and reconciling man to man, and reconciling man to God
# Christmas is the season we choose to join millions of people around the world to celebrate our manger baby King, who later became a man - and who later went to cross, for our sake.
# To us, this season, is all about a son who was born over two thousand years ago and was given to us as a gift of eternal life, by our father God. and we call Him, the man of Calvary
# To us, this season, is all about celebrating the kind of Kings
# To us, this season is about celebrating- the Bishop of our soul, Jesus Christ
# To us this season is about the celebration of our wonderful counsellor, our Mighty God, our everlasting father, and our prince of peace.
# This season, to us, it's about the one who redeemed us from the power of darkness, sin and destruction
# This season, to us, it's about the one who gave us hope when we had no hope and no future
# To us, Christmas is all about Jesus, who's through His love, reconciled to God
# Say what you want, believe what you want. But for some of us, we cannot but celebrate Christmas.
# To us, there is a significant difference between celebrating Jesus Christ at Christmas, and just celebrating Christmas for celebration's sake
# Celebrating Jesus at Christmas reminds us of all He came to do for us, in us and through us.
# The Christmas tree - reminds us of the Calvary tree called the cross.
# The Christmas lights - reminds us of the light of Christ that shines in the darkness
# The Christmas gifts - reminds us of God's greatest gift to us wrapped in human clothing, and placed in a manger
# So, you, see if you take Christ out of Christmas. All you will have is a sad and miserable mass.
# We cannot help but celebrate Jesus Christ. For He's the reason behind this season for us.
# I am here wishing you and your family a Jesus filled happy Christmas
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