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# May the name of the Lord your God, defend you

# May the Lord, make all your good and noble plans succeed

# May the visitation of the Lord preserve your spirit, soul and body


# May the Lord, grant you life and favour

# May the God of all hope, grant you hope

# May the God of all peace, grant you peace

# May the Lord, grant you, your heart desires


# May the God of all mercies, have mercy on you

# May the God of all comfort, comforts you

# May the God of all strength, strengthens you


# May the all-loving God show you love unspeakable

# May the all kind and gracious God, be gracious and kind to you, and your family


# May the all-powerful God, fights your battles for you

# May the all knowing God reveal Himself to you, in a very special way


# May the Lord wipe away your secret tears with an open miracle

# may the Lord, wipe away all your shame and reproach

# May the Lord, fill your mouth with new songs of victory

# May He crown your efforts with success


# May the all faithful God, remember your faithfulness and labour of love

# May the Lord your God remember your seeds, of kindness and sacrifice for His people


# May the Lord, crown your years with the fatness of Heaven.


# May the Lord make you and your family the joy of your generation


# May the Lord cover your tent with the dew of Hermon


# Your seeds shall possess the gates of their enemies.


# Your children and children, children's, shall dip their feet, in oil of prosperity and God's favour all the days of their lives


# You and your generation shall be numbered amongst the great


# You're above, and not beneath.

# You're the first amongst equals.

# You're blessed and lifted up.


# May the Lord your God, that’s able to do abundantly above all You can ever think or imagine show up for you today and always -


# I bless you and your family from the depths of my heart and soul, in Jesus mighty name

(And it shall end in praise)


# Do have a blessed weekend.


John Oche Omale.

God Bless