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(PART 02)


Some call you mother

Some call you Grandma

Some call you sister

Some call you girlfriend

Some call you Auntie

Some call you wife

Some call you darling

Some call you the wonder woman

Some say you, are the feminine expression of their masculinity

I call you the elastic being

I call you the expandable one

I call you the flexible one

I call you the stretchable one


# I call you the bionic being. Capable of doing many things at the same time. You are multi-tasker personified

# You are the gateway to life

You are our most dependable and our most trusted cheerleader


# The man with a womb. Called woman, you are the most dangerous being on planet Earth today, you're the devils worse nightmare

# The very thought of your existence gives the devil sleepless nights.

# You're on his number one heat list. He's out to stop you



# you are a big threat to devils kingdom

Woman, you are the only one who can take the devil to the cleaners, Spiritually any day, anytime, that's if you know who you really are, and who's you really are.


# Woman, you are Father God warrior, Princess on earth here, you're stronger than you think

# Woman, you have all it takes to silence that old slimy serpent and all the host of hell coming against your family, inside of you.


# Woman, you can be one woman Army squad, if you so chose to.

Tied and straps to the loins of your waist are lethal spiritual weapons, and spiritual dynamite's ten times stronger and ten times more deadly than the terrorist bombs.


# Woman, you are one mean, wicked, badest, warrior princess, daughter of the most high God. Please know your worth and walk with your head and shoulders high.

# The next great onslaughts against the devil's kingdom in this last days may require you to step up and step out in the spirit of Debora, to the lead the men in your life into the battle


From me

Your father,

your husband, Your son,

Your brother,

your friend and your Pastor

John Oche Omale 

God Bless