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# And No One Is Exempt- 
# If only you know their story

# Everyone is fighting something or something is fighting them 

# Take it easy on the spirit of entitlement, everyone is inwardly crying for help 

{Psalms 61:1-2-: Hear my cry, O God;
attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.}

# This is not an excuse for you to be callous or unsympathetic toward your fellow brothers and sisters. 

# This is not a licence for you to become mean uncaring and unloving. 

# That said - people the struggle is real. 

# Everyone is going through something, you know nothing about let's be easy on each other.

#Hmmmm! Life is deep people, don't conclude too quickly and become bitter and angry at them, just yet, for not caring, if only you know their story!

# We are all fighting a silent battle in our lives.

# Some battles are bigger and tougher than others, the truth is we are all dealing with something, big or small 

# So, let's be each other's keepers, and stop expecting too much from everyone else, but ourselves. 

# Don't be too quick to get offended - 

# If they don't reach out to you, reach out to God, and reach out to them if you can

# If they don't encourage you, encourage yourself. 

# If they don't pray for you, pray for yourself 

# If they don't motivate you, motivate yourself. 

# If they don't advise you, advise yourself. 
# If they don't correct you, correct yourself. 

# If they don't call you, call yourself. 

# If they don't take you out, dress up and take yourself out.

# If don't invite you out for coffee, invite yourself 

# If they don't lift you, lift yourself. 
# If they don't help you, help yourself.

# If they don't like you, like yourself. 
# If they don't want you, want yourself. 
# If they don't love you, love yourself 

#If they don't need you, need yourself 
# If they don't include you, include yourself. 

# Before you get all bent out of shape, bitter, angry and hateful towards them. 

# Stop and asked yourself this, what is going on in their own world? 

# They may be going through a very rough season in their lives also-if only you know 

# That friend of yours, you are looking up to, to help you with money, may be struggling and looking for someone to help him with his or her health.

# It's possible that their relationship needs help and they silently crying for help, you don't know.

# That church member you think does not care may be secretly going through some deep issues that are keeping him or her awake all night in pain. Hmmm! 

# Everyone is going through something, the fact that they are not wearing it like you, does not mean all is well with them. 

# The fact that they are not going about with the spirit of entitlement and accusing the whole world of not caring about them like you, does not mean all is well with them. 

# Before you get all offended and bent out of shape emotionally, you, yes you, when was the last time you called someone to check on them? 

# Let's stop expecting too much for others. 

# Let brotherly love continue without the spirit of entitlement 

#The Lord, help us all. And It Shall End In Praise. 

# Am -Ochegba & I speak life