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This Good Friday is Dedicated to —:

# All those rejected by the society 
# To all the outcasts and downcasted
# To the abandoned and overlooked 

# To the defeated and disappointed with life.
# To all who feel hopeless and helpless.

# To the ones ostracized, and dehumanized by their world.

# To all those betrayed and sold out by friends for a few miserable dollars or one night of pleasure.

# To you whose heart has been broken and battered, by the ones you loved and trusted. 

# To all the silent heroes who have been left hanging in pain by your friends and loved ones, but you just will not give up and will not stop believing.

# Your Sunday morning of sunshine will surely come if you do not give up. 

# Hang in there for every dark Friday night experience, there is a Sunday morning of sunshine of glory.

# Hang in there your Sunday morning of glory cometh.

# Your Sunday morning of joy will surely come

# All the Friday nights of my pain will I wait until my Sunday morning of glory and change cometh.

# It's a good Friday because it's a setup and a stepping stone to Happy Sunday morning!!


Ochegba - & I speak LIFE