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# I Declare This blessing Over You And Your Family, today and always -daughters of Zion!!

# As it was for mother Sarah so, shall it be for you and much more.
# The Lord shall cause those who laughed at you, to laugh with you.
# Those who mock you shall rejoice with you.

# The Lord, shall visit you, soon according to the time of life, and will put an to all shame and mockery in your life 

# May the Lord, turn around your captivity and fill your mouth with laughter

# May the God of the weak and the defenceless, defend you and your family against every visible and invisible enemy.

May the God, of vulnerable and helpless lift you up above and beyond your wildest dreams. 

# May the road before you and your generation be smooth 
# May your going in and coming out be full of His favour 

# May He, who’s the keeper of Israel, keep you and your family 

# May He, who’s the Light of the world, illuminate your life with The light of His glory and grace

# May He, who’s the restorer of the broken-hearted, restore your broken spirit today and fill your heart with joy unspeakable 

# May He, who gives hope to the hopeless, fill your hearts with hope and faith for a better tomorrow again 

# May He, who’s forever merciful, show you and your family unusual grace and mercy  today and always 

# May He, who’s the chief advocate, defend you and your family, from all false accusations and lies of the devil 

# May the all-powerful God, fight for you and your family 

# May He, who’s all kind and gracious, remember you and your family today 

# May the Rock of Ages, hide you and your family in the hollow of His hands

# May the all-gracious God, be gracious to you and your family 

# May His angels flap their wings of healing on you and your family and drips you all with heavenly medicines of love and compassion, and 

# May He hides you and your family in, His most secret place, far from every raging storm of the enemy 

# May He lifts you all out of the pit of depression and despair today 

# May He, Who is in the heavens of heaven, answer you when you call on Him today, in Jesus mighty name 

# May He, who’s the glory and lifter of the helpless. Lift you and your family from shame and humiliation

# May the Lord turn your mourning into dancing

# May the Lord replaced your garment of sorrow with His garment of joy

# May the Lord replaced your sackcloths of sickness with His garment of healing and wholesomeness  

# In the mighty name of Jesus, let the peace of the Lord fill your hearts and minds again 

# Be encouraged child of God, you’re seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above all principles and powers

(And It Will All End In Praise)

The Lord, bless you, Oh mighty woman of valour 
{Unbehalf of my girlfriend -Esta}

Am- Ochegba- &- I Speak Life