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To All The Women that Stepped Out And Stepped Up!!


# Dedicating this to all the women that refused to surrender their destiny to the lies of the devil-

# To all the women who refused to settle for defeat.

# To all of you that pick up yourselves and started all over again, after that, heartbreak and betrayal

# To women who refused to be defined by their weakness and past mistakes

# To all the women who refused to be defined by their broken and dirty past.

# To that single mother who despite the obstacles thrown at her, she was still able to raise a prince and a gentleman, a princess and a beautiful soul of a daughter.

# To the woman who though did not have a biological child of her own, yet was still able to love all the children that cross her part in life.

# To the woman who remains strong and faithful when it was humanly impossible to be faithful.

# To all the survivors of mental, physical and emotional abuses.

# To all the women out there, that refused to be intimidated by the success of others.

# To all the women out there, who are showing other women, that it's all in God's plan to make them uniquely different.

# To all the women out there, who are so, settled in their uniqueness that they wear their womanhood and femininity humbly and proudly

# To all the great women out there, who are not afraid to confront their leadership hypocrisy.

(# To all the women out there who refuse to be defined by man's oppressive culture and traditions

# To all the women out there who Refuse to be caged or manipulated into false obedience through man-made laws. Yet, still wears her feminine crown with grace and humility.

# To all the woman out there who knows that there is strength in her femininity.

# To the woman who knows that just being a woman is powerful enough, that she does not need a woman's liberation agenda to be free.

#To the woman out there, who Refused to carry the guilt and shame of the past, that was not her making in the first place

# To the woman who Refuse to be forced into taking responsibility for someone else's mistakes

# Like Tamar of old, you too came to show all women, that it's all in God's plan to make the woman uniquely delicate, uniquely beautiful, uniquely smart and intelligent.

# To you, woman, who knows that you're designed by God to be intentionally different, to fulfil a uniquely different purpose that no man can fulfill.

# To you, woman, who knows that you can not allow societal ignorance to make you hustle for equality with man. To do that is to sell yourself short.

# Woman, Your power, your tenacity, your devotion and commitment to your family, is what he, the devil can not handle.

# You're too, too hot and dangerous to the devil.

# Know your worth and power. Precious daughter and Princess of God, the father

# The father's jewel of honour and dignity, Walk with your shoulder and head up high, for you are worth it

# Woman, the anointing of God on you is huge. So stand tall and be confident in who you are, and who's you are, a daughter and a princess of the high God.

# Woman, You are God's lethal spiritual weapon of mass destruction.
# Woman, you're the father's joker card. The defender and home builder

# Woman, you're the only one who can fight the devil on your knees and still comforts your family and loved ones with words of encouragement and assurance on the other hand

# You are the backbone of our society. Woman don't let your past hold you back

# Woman I call you the elastic being- you stretch yourself to fit and fix every situation and challenges thrown at you

# I celebrate you, for the gift of you, to your world and family.

# Woman, please do not stop being you.
# Do not settle for the second-best version of you.

# Woman, do not trade your uniqueness for equality, For you are first among equals.

# We love you, for you. We do not need you to be a man.

# We love you, woman, because you're the feminine expression of our masculinity

# To all the women in my life, I say,
Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Grandmother's day.
Happy Auntie's Day.
Happy sister's day.
Happy Daughter’s Day
Happy Friends Day.
Happy Women's Day.

( And It Shall End In Praise)

It's me, John Oche Omale
God Bless