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# To that man though not a father biologically, yet, has done so much for us, more than, our biological fathers

# As we all take a short break, this week to honour and celebrate men who are not afraid, to be men.

# Men who are not afraid of responsibility
# Men who are not afraid to stand and be counted as one.
# Men who see fatherhood, as a responsibility and not a privileged.
# Men who see fatherhood, beyond biological entitlement.

# Today again I chose to remember you
# Not for your weakness, but how despite your weakness, you imparted strength to everyone, who crosses your part

# Despite your brokenness, you, still chose to love your family, and everyone unconditionally and sincerely.

# In your imperfections, you still stayed true to the call of God for your life and family

# A shout out to all the male figures though not biologically fathers, but gallantly step into the role of fatherhood.

# To that elder brother, who never had the opportunity of being a child, but steps into the role of fatherhood, by caring for his siblings. I celebrate you.

# To the older friend, who never took advantage of the innocence of that, child, I celebrate you.

# To that stepfather, who stepped up, when the biological sperm donor, stepped aside, I celebrate you.

To that pastor, spiritual father, who did not take advantage of our ignorance and trust to abuse us, I celebrate you.

# To that adopted father, who dared to be a man, by coming into our lives, to give us hope to dream again. I celebrate you.

# To all the men out there, that understand that being a man is not just a matter of big muscles and six-packs. I celebrate you.

# To all the man's man our there, You all, are our silent heroes

# To all the men that, Stepped into our lives when it mattered the most. I celebrate you.

# To all the men that showed up when we needed you the most. I celebrate you.

# To all the men who took charge when you didn't have to. You showed up when others chose to run away. We celebrate you.

# Today, pulse, remember you, and, the wonderful role you played in our lives.

# You showed us, that fatherhood goes beyond age and biological relationships or just a male figure.

# Your presence in our lives has contributed to making us, the people good people, we are today. Thank you

# You chose to believe in us, and our dreams, thank you for pouring yourself into us.

# When many gave up on us, you chose to stand with us.

# As a father figure, you head nothing back from us, you gave us, the best of you, so we can become the best of us.

# We may not say, or do enough to show how much you mean to us
But today we say thank you. You are our silent hero worthy of double honour

# You showed us how to rise above failure and defeat
# You thought us never to allow the world to define us by the failures of the past.

# Like our heavenly Father, you looked beyond our mistakes and the faults, and rather chose to seed our needs, for love and affirmations

# Thank you, for showing us, the heart of Father God, through your unconditional love and patience

Happy Father's Day, to that great man out there.

# Thank you for all you do for us.


(John Oche Omale)