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# I've just been asked to tell someone out there dealing with rejection.


# To reject someone means I refuse to grant that person access to his or her right.

# No man born of a woman should be given such power over your life ever, take your power back

# To reject is to deny you recognition or acceptance,

# To reject is to discard that individual as being worthless.


# I've sent to speak to that man that woman that has been so emotionally wounded, mentally tired and physically frustrated

# I am sent to speak to that man that woman who has been put down beat down by the words of men all their lives

# I have been asked by the master of all situations to speak tenderly to that one, whose soul and body is in desperate need of rest from all the rejections, and emotional, mental and physical abuses of life




# I know your soul and body are in desperate need of, rest from all the emotional and mental abuses in the hands of men.

# I have been sent to tell you that for every rejection you have suffered  there is a lifting up coming your way, in Jesus mighty name


# Stop fighting for their approval they will never see your worth, you are not the problem it's them.

# Stop trying to fit into that little box they are trying to stuff you into

# Stop trying to lose yourself just because you want them to like and accept you

# Stop trying to impress people that are too blind to see the diamond in you

# Stop giving people the power to control you with their negative emotions


#Stop allowing insecure people to bully you to a point where you start hating yourself.

# I double dare you today to stop giving people the power to use their negative emotions and attitude to control you

#Stop disliking yourself just because they don't like you


# Stop feeling insecure about yourself just because they rejected you

#Stop looking in the wrong place and the wrong people for approval. Look to Jesus, He's the author with the pen of a ready writer, that can and will rewrite the story of your life, in gold


# You're are worth more than the price you're selling yourself for

You're better than this, stop selling yourself cheap

# Their rejection of you has put in the company of the great

# David was rejected

# Joseph was rejected

# Rahab was not only rejected she was stigmatized and ostracized

She was reduced to a life of institutionalized abused of which she has no power to decide or chose her destiny (Joshua chapter 2)

# Do yourself a favour and stop waiting for that cheap bus it ain't coming to the station. Call yourself a cab and move on with your life, celebrate you it's your life

# Listen have the courage to show toxic conniving manipulative spoilt self entitled people the way out of your happy zone. Stop granting everybody access just cos you want to be liked at all cost


# Their rejection of you puts you in the company of the great anyway, so wear your hat of rejection with godly pride and honour

# I too have been rejected and still being rejected by many, yet I just keep on keeping on.


#My attitude to men's rejection of me, is you Don't like me, your loss because I love me

(Exodus 1:12-: But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.)


# Do not give men the power to stop you with their negative emotions and comments - the more they do that, the more you should allow God to empower through His word.

# Frustrate them with your positive godly attitude and shine like the prince and princess you are


# Do not let anyone decide when you should be happy that power belongs to you and to you alone

# No matter how you feel and no matter what you're going through emotionally today.


# I want you to make up your mind from today not to settle for mediocrity just because you want to fit in or you want to be liked and accepted by someone out who does not know your worth.

# Do not be afraid of rejection for rejection is just another way of you saying I am not willing to settle for mediocrity just to be accepted


# They may have rejected and abandoned you, but God has not abandoned you

(Psalms 27:10:- Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD cares for me.)

# I see their rejection of you as a divine setup for a better and healthier relationship.


(Psalms 119:71-: It is good for me that I have been afflicted;

that I might learn thy statutes.)

# I believe that your best days you haven't seen yet

# You are greatness going somewhere to happen

# You're too precious to allow their dislike of you send you into depression

# Your season is around the corner. I see you breaking out of that shell of rejection, in Jesus' mighty name.

# I feel a strong urge in me to prophetically pray into your life right now, I pray your heart will be open to receive these words, from the womb, of the Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name

# May the same hand that lifted MORDECAI from obscurity to a place of prominence lift you up today after this time of incubation in Jesus mighty name

# May the grace that spoke on behalf of JOSEPH at the time that it mattered the most elevate you to your rightful place of leadership and kingship


# May the hand that lifted DAVID from obscurity and granted him a place amongst Kings and Queens lift you up to your own, place of honour and dignity

# May the Lord dignify your life with His favour and garment of honour


# May you be numbered amongst the great and the sort after in your generation, in Jesus mighty name

# May this be the long-awaited time of change and restoration you have been waiting for

# May this be the long-awaited years of the harvest that heaven has promised you by the Lord

# Heaven will remember you and fill your heart with joy and laughter.


# May the Lord wipe away your secret tears and replace it with public joy and celebrations in Jesus mighty name

# May God's visitation makes you a reference point of hope to many in your generation

# May the Lord give you a miracle at the end of this incubation season, a miracle that will make all that has laughed at you, mocked you, shall see you and laugh with you and rejoice with you

# May you birth your own ISAAC after this incubation period is over, in Jesus mighty name

# The Lord shall do all this and even much more than this for you, in Jesus mighty name I pray.

# Lift up your head high in great expectation for your days of joy draweth nearer

I Ochegba counted amongst the rejects approves this message and also rejoice with you, in advance, in Jesus mighty name

God Bless

John Oche Omale