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(Isaiah 40:29-: He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak..)

# Can I start by saying that most of us are prone to experiencing two seasons running concurrently in our lives! Sad reality right!!

# What is CONCURRENT—: Concurrent is the occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side. In this case sadness and joy, happening in our lives at the same time -hmmm!

# Most of us will at one point in our lives, go through winter and summer at the same time.


# Your marriage is going wonderfully well, but at the same time, your health challenges are giving you sleepless nights.

# When you look at your bank balance, you will do a praise dance, but at the same time, your children are not doing so well.

# You are rejoicing over a promotion or a big breakthrough in your business, but at the same time just lost someone so dear to your heart.

# We all wish for a never—ending summer of sunshine in our lives, but it ain't so.

# Summer and Winter are life's reality. And the temptation to admit defeat and give up is so real but hang in there.

# For those of us going through summer and winter right now, hang in there. The sun of righteousness will soon rise up, on His wings, with healing and comfort over you.

# The Lord, says to tell you and me, hang in there, do not abandon your assignment, because of your present concurrent season.

# However much you think you should be somewhere else, doing something else, or quitting and running away altogether. Hang in there, it shall be well still. 

# Part of your concurrent season may be the loss of a loved one. And you're grieving silently amid your sunshine. Hang there

# Part of your concurrent season may be a tough marriage

# Part of your concurrent season may be a tough relationship

# Your concurrent season may be a tough working environment, amid great financial benefits 

# Your concurrent season is you, dealing with an exceedingly difficult child, while at the same time, you just got a promotion at work

# Your concurrent seasons, can be you, dealing with difficult family dynamics, while experiencing business success 

# Your concurrent season may be a caregiver to a very unappreciative person

# Your concurrent season could be that you're pastoring an exceedingly difficult church and at the same time, experiencing a great move of God

# Your concurrent season could be a tough financial situation amid a wonderful marriage life

# You may, as it were, dealing with a terrible illness or sickness, and you are not able to enjoy life with your thriving children 

# You may be dealing with unimaginable physical and emotional pain. But you still show up and put a smile for all to see, hmmm! even at that, be encouraged

# Jesus your friend that sticks closer than a brother feels your pain. 

# He will soon come through for you and however bad it gets, 
even if you must live on the edge when everything in you is telling you to run and hide or find a safety net somewhere else.

# Child of God receive strength to be faithful in your winter season 

# Child of God may Heaven empower you to endure to the end. for great is your reward, after the winter 

# Child of God receive the strength from the Holy Spirit to stay strong even in your winter season 

# He who began a good work, in you and through you is faithful and will be faithful to the end

# Your staying power in your winter season shall not be in vain. your God has not called you to serve Him in vain

# Be encouraged it shall be well still.

# And It Shall End In Praise

# Am- Ochegba & I Speak LIFE!!