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It’s really about unlearning....

Unlearning the beliefs and ways of thinking that have worn deep grooves into our souls, but which keep us from living in the Light of Life.

Unlearning the stories we tell about ourselves and our Father that don’t align with the truth.

There is a story that is you, and your Father has something to say about it. He is the Author and Finisher of it, after all.

All of us has learned things that are not right compared to God's standards. So we must unlearn that and learn the truth. You can't do this without getting into God's word and knowing it.

The Bible is just words on a page unless the Holy Spirit makes it alive to you. Jesus said ask for wisdom and help and I will be there. He loves to help us, most of time we don't get help because we want it our way and we know it all.

Check your heart. What is in there?? God knows but He wants you to admit it and ask for help. He will never push you, but always waits for you to make the first move. Are you moving??