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What if everything we learned, or most, was backwards to what the word of God teaches us? We have alot of unlearning to do. So could there be that much difference!!!!

We have been translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. Col.1:13 

Well let's look.

Kingdom of Light                                              Kingdom of Darkness

- give                                                               - take

- hope                                                              - hopelessness

- die to self to Life                                             - live for yourself

- made new                                                      - stay with the familiar

- life is eternal                                                  - life is temporary

- we have the truth (Word)                                - falsehood/lies

- sacrifice                                                         - be selfish

- humble yourself to be great                             - it's ok to be arrogant, promote yourself

- told we are overcomers                                   - told you are a failure

- we are royalty                                                - you are common like everyone else

- give to be rich                                                - keep to be rich

- be filled with Holy Spirit                                  - get drunk

- what you do for Christ will last                        - do all things for yourself

- you are accepted no matter what                    - you have to measure up to their standard

- be a servant                                                  - be aggressive to top

- love your enemies                                          - revenge

- trials make you grow                                      - trials means you've done something wrong

- joy anytime                                                   - happiness depends on circumstances

- hold onto nothing                                          - hold onto all things

- salvation                                                      - God is a weakness

- night to day                                                 - day to night

- ask and receive from God                              - do it any way you want

So when we change and align our thinking, doing, attitudes and heart issues, it will transform you. God never intended us to live this life without Him. He set rules to follow because He knew the repercussions of doing the world or our own way. It causes so much hurt, pain, discomfort, sickness, and disunity. I think we need to start unlearning and evaluate every thought and make sure it aligns with God's way. 

Let's all start today and see great results of transformations in us and those around us. We are the only Jesus they see, can we do it. With God's help all things are possible.