John 2:24 But Jesus did not entrust Himself to man, for He knew what man was like

"God has left the Church"

"Holy Spirit is not welcomed here anymore"

There is many more says we can use, but I think we get the idea. Some of our churches are in dier straights because we have left out the Lord in our services. Some have large congregations, some small.

When we are preparing a service, what is our focus?  Are we focused on the Lord, focused on people, focused on which songs we like, spend time in prayer before service, open to changes, have our format each week and stick to it, etc.

Do we prioritize God's Presence over and above crowd or people?

Are we prioritizing people and who might show up to create a service around them?

Like - some want a longer service, some want a shorter service

- some don't like the music, some do

- some want slow songs, some want fast

- some want more teaching, some want less

- some want you to lay hands on more, some want less or no touching

- some want to be entertained, some don't

- some want the service quiet, some want it loud

- some want the pastor to stay on platform, some are ok for him to come down

These are just a few of the people pleasers conditions we could fall into.

Guess what you can't make people happy, everyone has their own ideas. When was the last time we did a service and never considered who was there and came with one agrenda - TO PLEASE GOD

Jesus said, "I only do what I see My Father doing, I only say what I hear My Father saying"

So I wonder what church would look like if we ALL had one agenda, and that was focusing on the Presence of the Lord in our midst

There is so many organizations out there that want to be the biggest and best church around. But if that is all you focus on, you will have a watered down gospel and a people pleasing services.

What would it look like if everyone came 1 hour early to pray and seek the Lord for His will for the service? To see how they could be a servant in that service. That our hearts be prepared for what God wanted to do. 

My other question is why don't we have more for prayer and seeking God's face?

What is our desire when we come to church to be fed or to be a blessing?

To come because that's what you do Sunday morning. To try to control stuff and see who shows up at church. 

For those doing the service, do we prepare ourselves ahead of time? Do we connect to see if the Lord wants anything changed? Are we rigid and only stick to the list and agenda already made?

I wonder what would a service look like if agenda's were thrown out, or made but open to any kind of change at last minute.

If even ushers, sound people, greeters, music team, and any other person involved, or not involved in service, no matter how small, came early to seek God's face so they could be the best Jesus person ever. That when a need arose, or situation arose they would have the wisdom to answer or do what is right.

Have we considered that maybe the Lord would like to do His own service, not ours?

Have we ever considered that the Lord wants to change something but we refuse?

What is our agendas? What is our motives? What is our control issues? What is our fears/anxieties of something happening wrong? What are we trying to show and display us or God? What is our idea of what the Lord would want?

Maybe if we get back to pleasing the Father maybe all those other things would fall!

Maybe if we don't come with our own agenda that we would hear and see what the Father is doing!