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# For All The Broken Men & Women Standing In The Need Of Your Prayers! 

{Job 22:29-: When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up;
and he shall save the humble person.}

# When you, think of us, today, please do not criticize us, please just pray for us.

# When you and your self-righteous friends are done gossiping and criticizing
 us, please pray for us. Because want to be like you, when we grow up 

# For those, of you who are better than us, we plead for your prayers and not your judgment and criticism. 

# For all of you, great men and women of God out there. We asked for your compassion and not your condemnation. 

# For all you, sinless brothers and sisters. We asked for your mercy and not your judgment 

# When you are done putting us, down with your tongue - please remember to also lift us, up in prayers with your tongues 

# When you feel the need to put us, down or write us off - please pray for us instead. 

# When you feel that overwhelming surge of anger and bitterness towards us, to destroy our person - please don't, do that, just pray for us, instead. 

# For we would love to be perfect and blameless, just like you 

# When you come face to face with us, please don't hate on us, in your heart - please pray for me. 

# When you come across our pictures, on social media,  don't just mock us. Pray for us

# Before you call, us ugly and a show-off, please pray for us. Remember you are our role model.

# Before you criticize and condemn our posts and write-ups, please pray for us to become as perfect as you.

# When you hear us speak don't just point out our mistakes, please pray for us.

# When you think of how bad and hypocritical we are don't despise us, please pray for us.

# When you hear a bad report about us, do not rejoice, please pray for us.

# When you hear about our failures, do not rejoice over our pain, please pray for us.

# When you hear about our struggles, and setbacks do not rejoice, please pray for us.

# When you hear about our disappointments, before you say that, serves them right, please pray for us.

# When you hear about our pains and afflictions before you go celebrating, please pray for us.

# When you hear that bad rumours about us, before you condemn us, please pray for us.

# We may have done what you said we did, but we're no longer the person we use to be. 

#  In your criticism of us, please remember we are still under construction. He who began the good work - 

# He just got started with us. Be patient with us, we are still a work in progress 

# In your self-righteous and super spiritual, superiority complex - remember we are still a work in progress, in the master's hands 

# We are in the Masters' hands, and He who has begun this good work in us will complete it in glory.

# For when he's done, with us, we shall come forth as pure gold. 

# So rejoice not over us, my friends though we fall and fail- we shall rise again. 

# Though we seat in the darkness of despair and failure, we shall rise again 

# For our best days we haven't seen yet. 

# Future wait for us, we are coming in style 

(And It Shall End In Praise) 

# Am-OCHEGBA & I Speak Life