There is many voices in this world, which one are you listening to? The word says that the enemy (Satan)  comes to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY. It also says that he is the FATHER OF LIES. Do you know what God's Word says - if not you could be deceived, he could be stealing your joy, he could be killing truth, love, and eternal life. Do you feel defeated, despressed, unwanted, selfish, unkind, lying to not get in trouble, deceiving people or yourself so they don't know what's right? You are listening to the enemy of your soul. God NEVER STEALS from you, He gives ONLY GOOD to you. He DOESN'T try to KILL you but He gives eternal life. God would NOT DESTROY what He created and called good. The Lord NEVER LIES, He can't, He has no reason to, He only says what is truth and He does exactly what He says He will do.So who do you choose? You only have 2 choices - if not Jesus then you have chosen Satan. You can't live on the fence. In fact GET OFF IT.