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# Daughter of Zion Spread Your Wings, and fly.
# Stop - giving them the scissors to clip your wings
# Fly high, precious daughter and Princess of the most- High
# Fly high, dear mother in Israel
-# Stop giving permission to your past, to define your future
# Woman you loved, and you're God's precious jewel.
# Break yourself free from those chains of limitations
# Don't listen to that voice telling you, that you are useless, fat, ugly and good for nothing.
# That is a big fat lie from the pit of hell.
# Yes, you, you can do better
Your Life is not over because they left you.
# Do not let your identity be tied to anything physical my dear sister,
# my dearest Princess daughter of the Most -High God
# In spite of all you've been through. You're still here, you're a fighter, not a quitter
# Your best days, you haven't seen yet.
# Do let that mistake stop you now.
# Don't settle for defeat
# Do not let that abusive man, father, or even mother - break your spirit, or break your wings
# Don't settle for the lies of the enemy.
Spread your wings and fly into your destiny and purpose
# Get up, stand up with your chin up, head high - and declare boldly -: Future Wait, For Me, Am Coming In Style
( And It Shall End In Praise For You)
Your biggest fan
I am Ochegba- & I speak-Life