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# Stop stressing, stop putting undue pressure on our sisters, and daughters

# And you, my sister, my daughter dearest, stop allowing the world around you put undue pressure on you

# Do not let the world bully you, into silence or shame you to the pit hole of despair and depression woman!

# Stop giving permission to the world to define you, my sisters, my daughters, just by marriage and motherhood. There's more to you than just being a wife and a mother. You're much more than that.


# Are you married yet? When are you going to have kids? this is after marriage


# How many kids do you have now?

You only have girls, I think you should try to have at least one male child

# You only have boys, no girls, you need at least one girl to balance the equations

# Your clock is ticking. Very soon menopause will heat you, you better act fast before it's too late. The devil is a liar. My dear, do not fall for the pressure and the trap, of the human definition of success


# Watch your weight, you're getting too fat now, your husband may start looking at other women.

# Meanwhile, it's okay for the man to look fat and out of shape.

# The world will never be satisfied. So stop trying to please the world


# Having kids is wonderful but there is more to life than having kids and being married

# How many kids did mother Theresa of blessed memory have?

How many times was she married?


# Marriage is good and honourable, but do not make our daughters and sisters feel that the only thing they are good for, even created for by God is to be wives and mother.

# Marriage is good and honourable, but it's not a ticket to heaven


# The sole purpose of the woman's life is not just to get married and have kids. If that is all you think the woman is good for or created for. I feel very sorry for you.

# And you, woman if you think and believe that all you are good for and created for is to be married and have children. Then, think again


# If you think your life is not complete or fulfil without a husband, then you will be of all women most miserable

# Marriage is good, but you do not have to be married to impact your generation and a make difference


The Samaritan woman by the well (John 4) was married to five different men. Yet was still miserable.

# But when she met Jesus the gentleman caller, He changed her life, for the better


# Staying married to an abusive spouse just to satisfy or please our family, or because you're afraid to offend your culture or religious beliefs, is the greatest disservice you will do to yourself

# The Samaritan woman changed and imparted her generation without a husband, but with one-touch from the master Jesus


# Having kids is great, but you do not have to have kids of your own to be a mother

# Woman, you are great with or without a husband

# Woman, you are still, a wonderful, skillful and important person with or without children


# Do not let our wrong definition of womanhood and success, Rob your generation of the great gifts the Lord has put in you for your world.

# Woman who knows, maybe you are the next mother, Theresa of your, generation.


# With hundreds of children waiting for your manifestation. Groaning and waiting for you, to love and raised them in the fear of the Lord.

# Woman who knows you may be the next Naomi of your time. With so many Ruth’s stranded in the fields of the Moabites, wailing and waiting for you show up.


# Naomi, Ruth’s of this generation can not find their way to Bethlehem-Judah, the house of bread on their own. They are waiting for you to come and take them to their king's man Redeemer

# Woman who knows maybe you're the Deborah, of this generation. Without You taking your place in our lives as God's prophetess and warrior.  The men in your life and family, may not have the courage to go out there and confront the enemy of their soul and destiny.


# Deborah, there are some men in your generation whether they know it or not, believe it or not. For them to win the next big battle of their lives, they will need you to teach and lead them

# Woman, I will pulse here, and called my next witness to help me, tell you more, before we continue:-


(Hebrews 11:35-: Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection:)

# Here what the word of the Lord, is saying. The word addresses all women. Not just mothers not just wives, but all women.


# Meaning you, that is not married, You that have no biological child of your own.  By faith you can inject life into a dead situation, don't wait until you are married or have children before you begin to make your life count

# You are barren not because you do not have biological kids of your own. You are barren because you have allowed your great destiny to be buried in the graveyard of regrets and self-pity


# They call you barren because you gave them permission to.

You think you're barren because you have been programmed by your society, to believe the lies of the devil.

# Your womb may not carry children, but your hands and your words can shape and mould great destinies. Just give Jesus a chance to do for you, what He did for the Samaritan women


# You are not a useless woman! You are not barren

You,  just have a different mission and purpose in life, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Allow your heavenly Father, unveil you to your generation

# Stop giving the world permission to frustrate your life

# Stop giving people permission to control your life, through religious and traditional beliefs


# Woman gets up, get dressed take yourself out. Go out there and celebrate yourself. Put on your dancing shoes and do a praise dance of victory

# Because with or without a husband and children, you are still God's Precious jewel and princess


(Isaiah 54:1

“Rejoice, childless one, who did not give birth;

burst into song and shout,

you who have not been in labour!

For the children of the forsaken one will be more

then the children of the married woman,”

says the Lord.)

(Isaiah 54:5

For your Maker is your husband,

the Lord of hosts is his name;

and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer,

the God of the whole earth he is called.)


# Do not let your identity be tied to anything physical my dear sister, my dearest Princess daughter of the Most High God

John Oche Omale

God bless