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If you're born again you're of the spirit 

If you're of the Spirit, then you're like the wind 

If you're like the wind, then you're uncontainable

If you're uncontainable, then you're uncontrollable 

If you're uncontrollable, then you're indestructible 

If you're indestructible, then you're untouchable 

If you're untouchable, then you're unstoppable 

Like the wind you are invisible 

They can feel you, but cannot see you 

They know you, but don't know you 

They know you, but cannot describe you

Try as they may, they can't catch you 

Try as they may, they can't control you 

Try as they may, they can't define you 

Stop being afraid of the enemy, how can they destroy what they don't know or understand 

Remain a mystery 

Stay invisible 

Stay in the trenches 

Be unpredictable 

Keep them confused 

Keep them guessing 

You’re invisible 

You’re inscrutable 

You’re the wind man

You’re their one hard puzzle 

You're their one big nightmare 

You're enigma, a man born of the Spirit of God 

(John 3:8 / 1Corinthians 2:9)

(John Omale, Oche of Egba)