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{John 9:3-: Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.}

# You’re not in that situation because of your sins

# You're not going through what you're going through, because you're a sinner, or because you're not prayerful.

# Or because you lack faith. No life happens.

# Even if you are, Christ's death already settled all your sins account.

# You are forgiven. You are loved, not because of what you have done or didn't do. But forgiven because you're so loved by your heavenly Father

# Forgiveness is God’s free gift to you, to free you from guilt and shame of the past

# Forgiveness is God's free gift to you, to free you, from the spirit of condemnation and rejection

# Again what I say to me, I say to you.
Don’t allow the devil to use your past to torment and torture you

# Don’t give anyone born of a woman, the power to determine when you should be happy

# There’s no sin that God does not, and cannot forgive -:
Murderers and the vilest of sinners have found pardon in Christ and moved on with their lives.

# I have seen divorced folks forgiven, liberated from the guilt and shame of divorce, and now remarried, and living their lives serving the Lord in great joy and peace.

# I have seen sexual perverts receive God’s forgiveness and are now living their lives for Jesus

# I have seen prostitutes receive His forgiveness and are now living for Him

# I have seen thief’s and violent criminals receive His forgiveness and are now living their lives for Him

# There’s no sin under the sun, that the blood of Jesus cannot wash clean and away.

# There’s no mistake in life beyond God’s forgiveness and redemption

# No matter how far you have gone away from the Lord, you’re still welcome home anytime, any day

# There’s no road too far-travelled, that you cannot return
Come precious prince and princess of the Most High God
Jesus is waiting for you

# This great banquet party of redemption and restoration cannot start, until you, come take your place at the table.

# You’re the special guest of honour and heaven is waiting for you

# The banquet table of God’s love, forgiveness, mercy and grace are prepared and waiting for you to show up.

# Don’t allow your past mistakes and sins to hold you back
Come home now, my brother, my sister

# Ask the Lord for the forgiveness of your sins today, and put the devil to shame.

# For He will forgive. And He will give you the strength and opportunity to start all over again.

# The choice is yours today take it. Accept, His free gift of forgiveness.

# If you accept His free gift of forgiveness today, then people and situations lose their power to control you or intimidate you, through guilt and shame.

# For I hear, the master saying - has anyone condemned you? Neither do I, condemn you- Go and sin no more.

# Go and stop listening to the lies of the enemy - for you're loved and not hated.

(And It Shall End Praise)
God bless

(Praying for you)
John Omale