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{Job 23:10-: But he knoweth the way that I take:
when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.}

# Just so you know, my good friend. You are just under construction by the invisible loving arms of God.

# Your are looking all messy right now, because your life is a construction site
# You are under construction under the watchful eyes of the great Carpenter of Nazareth 

# God is not punishing you for your sins. And the devil is not in charge of your life either. Because your life is hidden in Christ and Christ in God

# Your present struggles and challenges are not a result of God's judgements or punishment 

# Our God is not some sadist who enjoys seeing you suffer. No, my friend things happen, and why bad things happen to good people sometimes, I do not know.

# You are not paying for your sins. You cannot pay for your sins. Jesus already paid for all of your sins in full.

# God has not abandoned you, God has not forgotten you. You are just a work in progress 

# God has not forgotten about your daughter, and neither has He abandoned your son to die, in that crack house.

# God heard and He is still listening to all of your prayers, for help
You are not forgotten and neither are you forsaken

# You are presently going through a time of pruning and moulding in the hands of the master.

# Do not give anyone the power to disqualify you from the race of life, based on your present station in life.

# Do not allow yourself to be counted out of the race of life because of your present struggles 

# Jesus qualifies the unqualified, He said to tell you are qualified - so, stay in the race, and don't count yourself out.

# You must never accept man's, negative definition of you, no matter your circumstances in life

# Knowledge brings freedom - “know who you are, and whose you are”

# True freedom is a function of knowledge “Know the truth about who you are in Christ and walk in the knowledge of that freedom”

#  Confidence is a function of emotional freedom “The sinner and the guilty run when no one is chasing him. But the righteous are as bold as a lion”

# Deliverance happens when you know who you truly are in Christ “ Whoever the son {Christ} sets free is free indeed”

# Your story will not end in shame or humiliation 
# Your story will not end in defeat or disgrace 
# Your story will not end in death 
# You shall sing and testify of the goodness of God, in the land of the living 
{Know this truth. & It Shall End In Praise}

Am- Ochegba-&- I speak life

John Oche Omale