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Your God, Gat Your Back-
(Read -Acts 12:1-10)
# That The Herod's Of Today succeeded in killing the James, of today, -
and it pleases the religious and legalistic folks of today,
does not mean that he can also kill the Peter's of today - God forbid bad thing
# Meaning what killed him or her, will not and can not kill you.
# That they tried and failed does not mean that you, too, will fail - your God got your back big time
# That his marriage and her marriage failed does not mean yours will fail. Your God got your back
# That it does not work for them, does not mean it will not work for you - your God got your back
# That they failed, trying, does not mean you will fail trying.
# Stop measuring your life, by someone else's experience - especially the bad ones.
# That your father died young, does not mean you too, will die, young. You are not your father, you are you.
# That everyone in your family divorces after a few years, does not mean you, too, will divorce after a few years. You are not them, you are you.
# That it happened to your brother or sister, does not mean that it will happen to you, you are not them, you are you.
# That it even happened to your twin does not mean it will happen to you. You are not them, you are you.
# Never accept the lies of the enemy, that what happened to them, will happen to you. You are not them, you are you.
# Learn to separate yourself from the pack mentality. You're not everyone. You're branded in Christ. Own the copyright, to yourself
# Stop comparing your life, to everyone else, wear you, and wear you proudly. Walk in the liberty and freedom one redeemed by Christ
# You are God's masterpiece. You were created to be you, and to do you, and not someone else.
# You were intentionally and uniquely crafted by God, to tell a story that no one else can tell, but you. Tell your story by living your life uniquely different.
# Be bold, be intentionally different, don't settle for a life of mediocrity
# Do not give anyone permission to use your temporal setbacks, to define you.
# And do not make any permanent decision out of fear, because of your present temporal setbacks
# Your present crisis, and setbacks, are just a setup for your lifting- Your cloud of glory is almost full and it's about rain glory on you.
# You may be in an emotional, mental and even a spiritual fog right now, I pray you, out of every emotional and mental, fog, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Receive divine insight, receive divine wisdom of the ancients
# May your spiritual eyes, of deep understanding, be opened as you, come to yourself.
# Begin to see the finger of God, working in the background on your behalf, now, in Jesus mighty name
# I want you to know that the Lord will not give you over to the desires of your enemies - never!
# Know this also, His angels excel in strength and they hacken to voice of His word
# His angels are ministering spirits, sent to minister to those who are heirs of salvation. And you, child of God is an heir of the kingdom.
# The same hands that rescued Peter, from the grips of Herod shall rescue you, from the hands of the enemy
# The Herod's of today, cannot do to you, what he did to the James of today either. You are too protected to be a victim
# Give yourself peace. Eat and go to sleep
# Sleep and snore if you like -
# Child- your God, got this
John Oche Omale
God Bless