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# I am greatness going somewhere to happen

# My future is still very colourful and bright regardless of my past mistakes and past failures.

# For Christ in me is the hope of glory and not shame and despair

# I will not allow the guilt and shame of the past, stop me from living my best life now

# Yes, I may have done what they said I did, but I am not who they say, I am

# I refuse to give the world permission to define me based on my past mistakes and shameful past.

# I refuse to be labelled a failure by you or anyone
# I refuse to be labelled with any medical acronym -ADD and it's like

# I will not allow anyone to define me anymore with my family's shortcomings and past mistakes.

# I refuse to give anyone the privilege of using my past to bully and intimidate me

# My past and and every family generational curses if there was any, has been nailed to the cross of Christ

# I make bold to say, Christ has redeemed me and my family from every curse by becoming a curse for me, Himself when He hung on the tree, over 2000 years ago.

# I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, all of my past mistakes and old lifestyle have all been washed away by the precious blood of the Lamb of God

# I Do not give any human or spirit being in world permission to intimidate and control me with my past mistakes

# from today I will Quit thinking that God is like mortal men that neither forgives or forget

# From today I chose to walk in God forgives and not man's judgment and condemnation

# For Forgiveness with my God means it never happened

# I will not allow myself to be pulled into a pity party by reminding myself of the past mistakes

# The Lord my God will never consult with my past to determine my future. Thank you, Jesus, for this great news

# Since God does not remember my past, I will also not remember my past

# I am so glad that my God will never use my past to blackmail me because my God is not a man and neither is He a saddest

# Since the Lord does not use my past to determine my future, I will not allow anyone to use my past to determine my future, not even me is allowed to use my past against me

# Guilt, condemnation and shame are tools in the hands of the devil and his agents.

# For with my God, my past is forever buried in the blood & the ocean of Jesus' forgiveness, forever and ever, Amen.

# I am so glad that Jesus loves me, even me.

# From today I will Quit telling myself and others that they’re being punished for what they have already been forgiven of, in Christ Jesus.

(John 8:36-:If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.)

# I agree that we all at one time or another have made so poor choices in life.

# Things happen okay. Bad things happens to good people, and good things happens to bad people.(Read Matthew 5:45)

# Don’t ask me why. I do not know and I wish I knew

# I know and believe because the Bible tells me so, that In Christ, every confessed sin is forgiven. Praise the Lord

# I Refuse to believe the lies of the devil that says I am being punished for my past sins. No, I am not being punished for my past sins. My God does not do that

# I am just going through a season, and this too shall pass. Like David from today I will encourage myself in the Lord my God, and hang in there.

# With the Lord on by my side, I will ride the storms and the waves of these trails into my glorious destiny in Jesus mighty name

# I will not allow or let anyone condemn me to the prison-house of my past mistakes. Old things have passed away, in Christ

# In Christ I am now, a new creature, a new species
Old things have indeed passed away. Glory hallelujah
(2Corinthians 5:17)

# I am a brand new man, a brand new woman. I chose to Stand tall in this liberty, whence Christ, is set me free. I Stand tall and bold, and I walk tall to the glory of God the Father

# In Christ I am, justified ( meaning JUST AS IF IT NEVER HAPPENED) In Christ my past never happened. For they are all forgiven
(Romans 8:30)

# From today, I chose to Live in the knowledge of His eternal and everlasting love for me

# I am free in Christ Jesus. So I released myself from every form of shame and condemnation, in Jesus mighty name

# I release myself from every form of guilt and guilty feelings, in Jesus mighty name

# By my faith in the finished work of Christ Jesus, I release myself from the shame of past defeats and failures, in Jesus mighty name

# I release myself from the burden of past mistakes, in Jesus mighty name

# I release myself from every form of lies and deception by the devil using my past against me, in Jesus mighty name

# I stand in the liberty and freedom that Christ obtained for me with His finished work over two thousand years ago

# Joyful Joyful Joyful, Joyful in the Lord
I am joyful in the Lord

Praise the Lord, I am born
One thing I want you to know,
My God is good and He is, so so good
That's why I am joyful, joyful in the Lord

(John Oche Omale)