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(Isaiah 66:9-: Shall I bring to the point of birth and not cause to bring forth?” says the Lord; “shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb?” says your God.)


# Whatever the Lord has started in your life, He shall complete in Jesus mighty name

# Whatever the Lord has initiated in your life, He shall finish


# Rest in this assurance that He, Who began the good work in you, is well able, and shall complete it. in Jesus name

# Whatever God starts, He finished. He's Alpha and Omega don't you forget that ever.


# Whatever you’re going through right now, I want you to know, that our God does not, has not, and will not leave any project without finishing what He started.

# You're not an abandoned project, and you will never be, you shall finish well to the glory of God the father.


# Our God does not abandon projects. He will not abandon you now. You're not an abandoned project

# If you’re feeling abandoned, I want you to be encouraged. God is not done with you yet.


# You don’t need to worry about what you’re going through, it shall be all over in the morning.

# With every night time experience, be rest assured that morning is trailing behind. After the night comes the morning

You're not an abandoned project

# Your morning will soon come

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning

Soon and very soon. And you shall laugh again.


# That sickness shall soon be a thing of the past

# That addiction shall soon be broken

# That child will soon return home

# That miscarriage will soon be a thing of the past

# That marriage will soon be restored

# That business shall soon be revived

# That joblessness shall soon be over


# Whatever the situation is that you're going through right now, do not see your life as an abandoned project, rather see your life as life under construction.

# See yourself from today, as God's work in progress and your end will surely be greater than your beginning, in Jesus name.


# Just trust the process of the one in charge of your life. Jesus Christ. The Carpenter from Nazareth

# Construction sites are always messy. Your Life is messy right now because you're still under construction.


# Your God is not a wicked father, He will not bring you this far and abandon you now. People the morning cometh

# I come against every spirit and feeling of abandonment in you right now, in Jesus mighty name


God bless

John Oche Omale