Youth Conference is a large scale three-day Christian event held in numerous places around the world. The originating event, YC Alberta, is held @ Enmax Centrium in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. YC is a ministry of Extreme Dream Ministries.

YC is unique from other Christians music festivals in that attendees buy tickets to attend all main speakers and concerts, not just the ones they choose

YC Alberta

Year Theme Featured artists Featured speakers Special notes
1994 YC Alberta Rebecca St. James   First YC
  1995 Fear Not      
1996 Go the Distance  
1997 Be the One    
1998 Shine

Reality Check missed their concert due to bus trouble.

1999 Freedom
  • Sam Farina
  • Jeanne Mayo
2000 History Makers First year in Edmonton Coliseum

Delirious'? song History Maker was used heavily throughout the weekend, and the lyrics were printed on the back of the program booklets.

2001 Transform-a-Nation    
2002 Heaven
  • David Nasser
Michael W. Smith recorded his live Worship DVD at YC 2002. The DVD immediately topped the Billboard video charts and became a Gold seller in both the U.S. and Canada.
2003 Believe  
2004 Soul Revolution
  • David Nasser
  • Joyce Heron
  • Phil Dooley
  • Glen Berteau
  • Sam Farina
10th YC
2005 Consumed  
2006 Tell the World
  • Miles McPherson
  • Zhenya Kasevich
2007 King  
2008 Passion  
2009 Live it Loud  
2010 Audacious
  • Thousand Foot Krutch recorded their first live DVD entitled "Live at the Masquerade" at their Friday night concert. Record attendance of 18000 people. The event was completely sold out.
2011 Hear the Sound
  • Reggie Dabbs (Closed YC Alberta 2011)
  • Duffy Robbins
  • Eric Samuel Timm
  • Judah Smith
Mike Love hosted the first ever live webcast of the event, which featured Bluetree, and was the first opportunity to see the YC11 Promo Video.
2012 Surrender
  • David Nasser (Closed YC Alberta 2012)
  • Danielle Strickland
  • Eric Samuel Timm
  • Panic Squad
  • Seth Franco
  • Bob Stromberg
2013 This is Love    
2014 Hope
  • David Nasser (Closed YC 2014)
  • Danielle Srickland
  • Bob Goff
  • Adam Browett
  • Ben Woodman
  • Brett Ullman
  • Brian McConaghy
  • Chris Polachic
  • Dave Overholt
  • David Pedde
  • Ellen Hunter Wolf
  • Eric Samuel Timm
  • Joanna Hyatt
  • Jonathen Strome
  • Joyce Rees
  • Matt Tapely
  • Miles McPherson
  • Randy Carter
  • Ron Powell
  • Sean Cullen
  • Vlado Zak
  • 20th anniversary of YC Alberta. The mayor of the city of Edmonton (Don Ivasson) proclaimed "YC Days". So the weekend that YC is on it is also YC days.
2015 Unstoppable
  • Duffy Robins
  • Elijah Walters
  • Eric Samuel Timm
  • Danielle Strickland
  • Jeff Vanderstelt
  • Robert Madu*
  • Omega Lavine
  • Joanna Hyatt
  • Jill Boyd
  • Danny Taylor
  • Nicole Victory
  • Graeme Watt
  • Ashely Bonnell
  • Ron Powell
  • Dave Pedde
  • Greg Monette
  • Tim Sesink
  • Landon Dorch
  • Randy Young
  • Jason Ballard
  • Ben Woodman
2016 UN1TE
  • Eric Samuel Timm
  • Jeff Vanderstellt
  • Heath Adamson
  • Dave Overholt
  • Joanna Hyatt
  • Elijah Walters
  • Ron Powell
  • Paul Robertson
  • Preston Centuolo
  • Ben Woodman
  • Jason Ballard
  • Chris Greenwood (Manafest)