( No act of kindness and love is ever wasted. Whether it's appreciated or not keep giving, keeping love. It will come back to you someday I promise )


Years ago as a young pastor in Zaria, Kaduna Nig 

I was privileged to work with children, as a children pastor 

One of my school kids was trying to tell me that when you give, it will be given back to you in return.


In his broken English, he said to me uncle, give is give.


Today my heart is full of joy unspeakable, as give is now giving.

The young man in this picture. Happen to be among the first students of Gilgal school.


Today he came to the school to donate notes books to support other orphans and the less privileged students in the school.


He Remembered how Gilgal gave to him. Now he's giving back.


Thank you Enokela John. The Lord bless you richly for remembering Gilgal. Heaven will always remember you and your generation, in Jesus mighty name