# I am a Pastor and by the grace of God, though not a prophet, I can with all humility say, that I can be prophetic- meaning I can speak the mind of God as touching issues

# So I tell you the truth I lie not.

# You may say to me, ah but my parents are not saved, how saved is your Prophet?.

# You, are you saved? Then do the needful and heaven will ride on the wings of the blood covenant, mercy and grace to do the much needed in your life

# My late father was not saved when he prayed for me, and the spirit of stagnation was broken off my back.

# I did my part of honouring him, and the Holy Spirit on wings of mercy took his prayers to the mercy seat in heaven. The rest is history.

# My grandmother mama Anugba does not speak in tongues but she communes with the Holy Spirit and angels.

# There is nothing she has ever declared over my life, that Heaven has not honoured

# No pastor, no prophet is as anointed as your parents when it comes to, the power of speaking into your future.

# That prophets offering is for your parents. Bless your parents before you bless your Prophet.

# Honour your parents, before you honour your Prophet. Give to your parents before you give to your prophet

# To you who have been deceived into dishonouring your age parents- they lied to you.

# There’s no one more anointed to speak and call forth your glorious future like your parents- especially your godly grandmother and grandfather.

# I speak from experience I am a product of father’s blessing

# I am a product of my grandmother-Mama Anugba’s prophetic prayers, blessings and declaration.

# My grandmother mama Anugba through her prophetic declaration opened the door of a nation for me.

# This same grandma along with my mother Inlaw and a few others laid hands on an empty lot with a few blocks - and 10 and half months later

# This happened in November 2018 - and by October 2019 - 10/ half months later -three buildings were completed and furnished for the children of Gilgal international.

# Your parents carry the grace that you are travelling from one Mountain to another looking for. Honour them and watch the heavens over you open with supernatural overflow.

# Someone out there your deliverance and breakthrough is tied to you retracing your steps back home and making peace with your parents and not another prophetic offering to one prophet.

# Stop being ashamed of your aged parents, be proud of them, celebrate them, honour them whether they be poor or rich. Educated or illiterate

# Someone out there needs to go make peace with their aged parents and the heavens over you will be opened - just so you know that Prophet lied about your parents.

# Before you sow into any Pastor, prophets life, please first, give your parents their prophetic offering-then watch and see, your life turn around for good. Reach out bless and honour your parents today.

(And It Shall End In Praise)

John Oche Omale
God Bless