Dear Cheryl,
Last night, I joined my friends Chris Alexander, Kellie Leitch and Pierre Lemieux and some 1400 Canadians at a rally to oppose the private member's motion, M-103, on "Islamophobia."
Joe Warmington of The Sun wrote:

"And Trost hit the nail on the head by saying 'I will not let the thought police control what I say.'

"There was a whole room full of people who agreed with that sentiment. When it comes to free speech, there are more than a few Canadians prepared to weather the storm to protect it."

The Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly insists that she and her fellow Liberals will vote in favour of the "Islamophobia" motion, despite the facts and the reality in 21st-century Canada.
For more on my concerns about M-103, click here.
Brad Trost