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So last Friday we discussed the story of your origin. The first lie from Satan "the fatherof lies", was that if you eat the fruit you could be come like God. The sad part was that Adam and Eve where already like God. They were already made in His likeness. So the enemy is using the same lie to deceive God's followers into doubt and lies that when they turn to God and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives that they have to do something to be in His likeness. These lies are knowledge of separation, opposites, judgement of any good or evil. They thought that when they ate the fruit they would be equal to God, But the Word says "Not my will but Thine". So now they see darkness and light. The darkness that tell you are not good enough, you will never measure up, blaming others, judging yourself and others, feeling shame, offence, etc.

BUT because we have a Second Adam. The Redeemer, He has done all the work. Remember on the cross - "It Is Finished". Jesus didn't come to partically make us new, our Spirit is fresh like before the fall of Adam and Eve. So that is why we have to live by the Spirit and not our flesh and what we see. Learn how to tap into Your Spirit that's new, and learn the lies and deal with the flesh. The flesh is offences, hurt, control, anger, bitterness, shame, condemnation, etc. What are you agreeing with the Spirit that is perfect in you or the flesh that agrees with the world. All the things are the of the flesh.

The flesh says we deserve better treatment from people - Jesus never got it.

The flesh says we should not be lied to - Jesus was lied to.

The flesh says we have a right to be offended - jesus never was offended.

Where are you? Living by the flesh or the spirit?