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{Psalms 107:29-: He maketh the storm a calm,
so that the waves thereof are still.}

# Lord, calm every raging storm in my life, with your sure word and internal promises, in Jesus’ Mighty name

# Lord, calm every storm of restlessness, worry and fear of the future in me.

# Lord, calm, every storm of sickness and diseases raging against me, and any members of my family, in Jesus' mighty name

# Lord by the sure mercy of David still these ceaseless waves upon waves of crisis in my life, and my entire family in Jesus' mighty name 

# Lord, stretch forth your fingers from heaven and calm, every raging storm against me, and my children, in the form of depression, distress and despair, in Jesus’ mighty name.

# Lord, by the sure mercy of David, calm this raging storm of the spirit of rejection and inferiority complex- that always rises against me, anytime am about to step into my due season

# By the sure mercy of the Lord, I decree, an end to these raging storms of shame, guilt and humiliation due to my past mistakes, that keep rising anytime, it’s time for me to move forward.

# Lord calm, every storm of financial crisis raging against me and my family in Jesus' mighty name

# Lord, calm every east wind of poverty and lack blowing against my life, in Jesus' mighty name.

# I still these waves upon waves of trouble, coming against me, and my family on all fronts, in Jesus mighty name.

{Psalms 107:30-: Then are they glad because they be quiet; so, he bringeth them unto their desired haven.}

# By the authority in the name of Jesus Christ, I still the storms of fear and anxiety raging against me, and my family. 

# I decree and declare peace be still, right now, in Jesus' name.

# Lord may this be our testimony for the rest of the year and moving forward. Restore joy and gladness to us, in place of the raging storms of sorrows and miseries.

# Lord let your peace and songs of deliverance replace every raging storm of pain in our lives, in Jesus’-mighty name

# Lord stretch, forth your invisible fingers and bring us into our desired season and haven- in Jesus’-mighty name.

# Lord, turn around our storms and fill our mouths with laughter.

# Lord thank you, for every raging storm, in our lives, is over. Praise the Lord.

# May the covenant of life, in Christ Jesus speak louder for you and your family, than the threat and raging storm of the terror of death.

“And it shall end in praise.”

Am -OCHEGBA-& I speak LIFE.