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(He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147:3 )
# For the hearts, that have been shredded by man’s inhumanity, to man. We pray for comfort.
# For the hearts inflicted with unimaginable sorrows, by the wickedness of man- Lord, we pray for peace.
# For the hearts overwhelmed with grief, caused by the callousness and heartlessness of others, we pray for healing.
# For the hearts experiencing unfathomable darkness, caused by the carelessness of others, Lord, let your light shine forth with hope.
# Lord, wrap your invisible arms around that broken heart and let there be amending, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, wipe the tears from that eyes, with your loving arms and words of encouragement.
# Lord, at this moment, of great darkness and confusion in our world, we pray for your peace and mercy.
# Lord, let the lonely, and the abandoned feel your loving presence tonight, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Let the sorrowful and mourning soul, experience, your peace and comfort tonight.
# Lord, look upon the broken and the battered with your eyes of peace, and comfort, in Jesus' mighty name.
# Lord, let your light shines through this gross darkness and brings peace, healing, and hope, to every broken heart, in Jesus' mighty name.
# May the strength and peace of the Holy Spirit, come out of your brokenness and shattered hearts, in Jesus' mighty name
Hmmm, and it shall be well, still.
John Oche Omale.
( Be encouraged)