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(Psalms 30:5-: For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.)
# Do you feel like you’ve lost it all, Your dignity and pride?
# Do you feel like you’re sinking under the weights, guilt and shame?
# Do you, like the despair and the disappointment of life’s pain is becoming too much for you to bear?
# Do you feel all alone and hopeless, with no words but tears right now?
# Do you feel like no one cares and no one, understands your pain?
# Do you feel betrayed rejected by your loved ones?
# Do you feel abandoned and forsaken, by the world?
# Has the pain of failure and disappointment taken your voice away?
# Has the pain of past regrets taken away your voice?
# Has guilt and shame taken your voice away?
# Remember child of God - your voice is your spiritual identity and authority
# I hear grace calling out to you - child of God - receive your voice back
# I hear Mercy calling out to you - child of God - take back your voice.
# I hear grace and mercy - Saying you’re forgiven in Christ Jesus
# I hear grace and mercy - Saying you’re loved in Christ Jesus
# I pray the Lord your God, show you a sign, of His goodness in the midst of your pain and despair
# I pray the Lord’s favour shall find you, again, in that room of depression and distress.
# I pray the mighty hands of the Lord, will lift you, up and out of the dust of shame and regrets. As your horn of honour and dignity is lifted and exalted again.
# I pray the mighty hands of the Lord, will strengthen and encourage you, from on high today
# I pray you, shall find divine and supernatural help in the Lord your God today
# I pray the Holy Spirit will surround you, with songs of deliverance and restoration in your afflictions
# I pray the Lord’s angels, flaps their wings of healing on you, and drip you, with the oil of joy and gladness today
# I pray the Holy Spirit, fill your heart with joy unspeakable, so, you can start praising the Lord, in the gates of great expectation.
# For it wouldn't be long child, your heaven shall open
( And It Shall End In Praise For You)
John Oche Omale