(Galatians 5:15-: But if you are given to fighting with one another, take care that you are not the cause of destruction one to another.)


  • I come against the spirit of false accusations and suspicion out to destroy families today, in Jesus mighty name


  • I come against the spirit sent from the pit of hell to tear families apart, through strife and unforgiveness 


  • In the name of Jesus, I put a stop to every Satanic sibling rivalry, that's tearing families apart today 


  • I come against the spirit of distrust and mistrust working against your marriage and family, in Jesus name


  • On my knees with the Holy Spirit and God's Angels backing me up. I fight against anything and anyone fighting against your marriage, your children, in Jesus mighty name.


  • We contend with every force contending with your families peace and unity, in Jesus mighty name


  • We come against every joy stealer and home destroyer, in Jesus name.


  • We silence the false accuser and all his lies against you and your family, in Jesus mighty name.


  • We come against every spirit that has been sent from hell, to falsify and to create a false image of your person, to your spouse and family, in Jesus mighty name


  • Together in Jesus mighty name, we contend with every enemy of your soul and your peace.


  • Anyone and anything sent to destroy your family shall not succeed in Jesus name.


  • Anyone and anything sent to create confusion and crises in your family, shall fail woefully from today, in Jesus mighty.


  • I pray the God of peace and all comfort, restores peace to your family before the end of this year, in Jesus name


  • That irreconcilable  family differences and crises that has lasted for years, we bring it to an end in Jesus mighty name today.


  • We pray for unity in families where there is division and misunderstanding today, in Jesus mighty name.


  • The devil shall be put to shame this month and beyond, as the Lord releases the spirit of reconciliation, love and peace, into homes and families where infighting and birkering was the order of the, in Jesus mighty name 


  • Lord ,you're the prince of peace. Lord grant to every families your undeniable gift of peace this coming weeks and days, in Jesus mighty name 


  • God bless your new restored home and peaceful family 


John Omale